Korean Skincare Routine Simplified- Are All the Steps Necessary???

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Korean Skincare Routine Simplified- Are All the Steps Necessary???

Many Koreans are asked this question quite often by people, here are some thoughtful answers provided to this “subject” (#skincare is no less than chemistry ?) based on expert inputs.

How do Korean women maintain a flawless skin?

Have you ever thought, why does this Korean Skincare come with a set of steps? I’m sure most of you did, c’mon… at least once maybe? There you go… caught ya… Thanks for admitting ? 

Now the REAL question is Are these steps necessary? ?

A Korean skincare regime consists of between 4 to 15 steps depending on each person’s skin needs. [Oh, noooo Give me a break… ?]

I know this is exactly how most of us feel but there is no need to be stressed. The formula is simple the more you put in the effort, the more you get out of it. 

Skincare is based on science and does not need to be 10+ Steps long to achieve healthy, hydrated, glowing glass-like skin. Therefore, let’s only talk about crucial steps and the actual goal behind each of these steps. Once I am done, you can determine easily which steps you would like to add or take out of your routine. Simple isn’t it? I will also highlight which steps are an absolute ‘must-keep’.

Also, It would not be wrong to say that the Korean regime is the best skincare routine for acne and oily skin specifically. 

STEP 1 – #Cleanser

Morning Routine (AM Face Cleanse)

This step is not a new one to a basic skincare routine and is a must keep step for all of us. But WHY? Well, the reason behind this is quite simple. When we sleep, our body’s metabolic processes are actively working and toxins are released from our skin which needs to be washed away; else, when these interact with the sun, they can accelerate aging. (nothing but a free radical PARTY!) Sounds like Biology and Chemistry class again. Well, I cannot resist telling these skincare basics before you jump to a conclusion of treating your skin.

Wait… Are you thinking of double cleansing after reading the above info?? ? Ahh, Not required. Just use a non-drying gentle cleanser and relax. Low pH Cleansers, Micro-foam cleansers are the best to use, as these do not strip your skin natural oils and make it further dry.

Our Favourite picks:Lagom Cellup Micro Foam Cleanser Power Calm Hydrating Cleanser Purito Defence Barrier pH Cleanser Heimish All Clean Green Foam

PM (Face Cleanse in the evening/double cleanse)

Let’s consider you have some makeup on, though most women wear make-up rarely during the pandemic. So, with makeup on, you must typically take 2 steps to cleanse your face at night.

The first step would be to cleanse with the help of cleansing oil, wipes, cleansing balm, micellar water, cold cream, etc to gently lift dirt and make-up off the face. The second cleanse is where you involve a foam cleanser or gel cleanser same as in the AM routine.

Now, why should we double cleanse face at night or when we use makeup?

The double cleanse method is to give the respect your skin deserves and to practice self-care. I know most of you might be thinking, cleansing twice… how can it be handled with care, isn’t it too much for my skin? The answer here is a big NO. The reason behind this is simple, we are doing this process gently without rubbing or tugging to get rid of those last traces of makeup. As each of these cleansing steps is gentle with 2 different types of cleansers, to get the job done clean and neat. However, the first cleansing step is not stripping your skin in battle with makeup.

On the contrary, we are just dissolving the makeup with suitable oil/balm to get rid of it easily not harming the skin and at the same time, making sure there is no residue of makeup left behind, not even from that waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Our Favourite Picks: Banila Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm    Peach Pudding Makeup Cleanser    Be The Skin Daily Complete Cleansing Oil   Heimish All Clean Balm

STEP 2 – #The Toner

Is it a Korean thing to use a toner? Can I use the same toner? Can the toner be skipped? So, and so. Yes, I can bet that these kinds of questions must be running in your head. Keeping all these questions aside, let us talk about the ‘why’ part here.

Facial cleansers are slightly more alkaline (they are more acidic), skin optimal pH balance can go out of balance after double cleanse (which is the first step). Is it a dangerous sign for the skin to not be at optimal pH, yes it can be! The optimal balance allows the skin to fight better against bacteria that cause acne, which means it helps prevent acne and allows other skincare steps layered to be absorbed better. All you need is a non-alcoholic toner here which does the trick. Keep it at both AM and PM for good hydration and attain efficacy with layering products.Our Favourite Picks: Belief – Witch Hazel Herbal Extract TonerWild Dew Treatment Essence[Peach&Lily]Pyunkangyul Toner[Etude House] Moistful Collagen Facial Toner[Benton] Aloe BHA Skin Toner

#Korean Skin Toners to balance Skin pH

STEP 3,4,5,6,7 – #The Essence/Ampoule/Serum/Emulsion/Oil

Now coming to this step, some people might skip all the steps and others might go with every step to ripe maximum benefits and hydrate skin completely. All you need to understand here is that these products are formulated in a way that they find their way deep into the skin’s dermis, delivering fast benefits/results (that it is promised to do so). This is the reason we prep the skin with a toner first to balance the pH and then introduct serums, essences and ampoules, so they find their way deep into the skin to attain best results. As they promise, they do provide amazing skin benefits such as- moisturize skin, combat wrinkles and pigmentation, hydrate or plump up skin while nourishing and brighten as well.

It’s an old notion that we must go in an order of essence, ampoule, serum, or any other order you listen to from people out there. Doesn’t matter some people might say go with densities of the product and the other bunch might say although there is some logic about going in the order of density for better absorption into the skin, you may also try mixing your favourite essence/ampoule into your serum and trust me they give the best results. You just have to choose based on what is your skin’s functional need and major skin concern.

You can split them among your AM/PM routine where Vit E is based at night and Vit C based during the day. OR a hydrating essence during the day and brightening serum at night. It’s your call. Just make sure you stick to good sunscreen during the day. I can’t emphasize more how important sunscreen is for you! Those you made it a habit, by now would have noticed the difference in how quickly the aging occurs, have you had not used one.

Just don’t make it daunting or tedious. All you have to remember is that all these steps pay you in the long run. So, think wisely about what your skin needs and pamper accordingly.

I get to hear some things such as “I am a student, or I am on a budget or how can I choose a product that suits my skin?” 

Well, in that case, my call would be to go for HYDRATION as it is vital for any skin. What happens if it is not hydrated enough or dry? – A lot can happen here: Premature aging, collagen breaks down quickly and easily and skin becomes lifeless. Any hydrating oil uses the best serum (for dull skin), the hyaluronic acid-based product would help in this regard. If you think your skin is hydrated enough and is never a concern for you, I got you there. You may then choose based on other skin concerns like; firming, hyperpigmentation, brightening, etc.; And for this, products with collagen, vit c, peptides, ceramides, esthers are of great help.

Little personalization goes a long way and this step is a must-keep.

Whew, that was a lot to read, is this what you are thinking right now? We are getting there.. 

STEP 8 – #The Eye Cream

Yes, it is a must keep step, but is often neglected. The reason being the sensitivity of the skin around the eyes. As the area around the eyes is a lot thinner and delicate, it needs more nourishment to stay hydrated, youthful, bright, and wrinkle-free for as long as you can maintain.

Our picks below: Eco your skin Volufiline15 Eye Essence     Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye CreamBenton Fermentation Eye CreamSaturday Skin Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream

STEP 9 – #The Moisturizer/Lotion/Cream

Yay! We are close to finishing the Korean regimen. After doing all that is needed from the first 8 steps, no one would want it to evaporate. Therefore, it is important to seal it all in with a cream/lotion/moisturizer. An important point to be noted here, most of these products are formulated with particles too big to be absorbed into the skin, and creates a barrier on the skin to protect and emulsify the top layer of the dermis to seal everything in. (SShhhhh… that’s a secret)

Is this step a hit/miss?  – If you are putting a lot of effort in Steps 3-7 and it’s not too dry outside, your face would already be hydrated and moisturized well, without having a need to moisturize for sealing every goodness within. For me personally, I would need it because I prefer a lightweight moisturizer during summer and only from among Steps 3-7, therefore I have a need to seal everything in for better results. On contrary, during winter, I pick 2 from steps 3-7 and use a bit heavier moisturizer depending on my skin’s needs.

Note: Good to use serums/creams with hyaluronic acid during winter to draw that extra moisture and hydration from outside weather into your skin to keep it soft, supple, plump, and glowing.

– Excuse for the Japanese creams here, but our users love them the most

Our Picks: [Peach Slices] Citrus Honey Aqua glow [Peach&Lily] Glass skin Water Gel Moisturiser [Innisfree]Jeju Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream [Saturday Skin]Feather weight Moisturiser [Nature Republic]Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel [Ceracolla]Perfect Gel [Curel]Intensive Moisture Cream

STEP 10 – SPF/Sunscreen

Australia’s weather is not soothing you must apply sunscreen every day to save yourself from tanning. I repeat, DO NOT SKIP this crucial step during the day specifically. You can buy affordable Korean skincare brands from our site- Skincare4less. 

There are NO Shortcuts when it comes to slathering SPF every day. YES, EVERY Single DAY!

Now my Friends, you know what and how to order your routine, pick the steps that you need the most and get going…

Hang on.. are you saying, what about AHA, BHA, PHA, Sleeping Mask, Sheet Mask, Mist toners?? Where do these fit in? Well, keep following us and you will get to know best secrets ever addressing your concerns in detail regarding these topic soon..

Until then, Enjoy this Korean Skincare Routine.!!! See you sooooon..

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